Josh Gross - Director/Producer/Editor - JJ is NY-based freelance editor working in TV and advertising. World's Best Dad is his first feature film and he think's it's his best.

Jennifer Cipperly - Producer/AD - After several years as a fashion, lifestyle and entertainment news television producer, this is Jennifer's first shot at narrative feature filmmaking. She finds the departure from truthiness liberating and is eager for the next adventure - perhaps this time one that does not require traveling cross-country in a small van with five guys, a 10 foot rocker, and one shower at best. 

Rob Neilson - DP/Associate Producer - Born in Long Island NY, Rob met Josh while they were attending the School of Visual Arts film program. Worlds Best Dad is the first (of hopefully many) feature films he has shot. He has since relocated to Houston Texas and continues to shoot (films, they do not allow Yankees to arm themselves in Texas).

Matt Gross - Writer/Actor - Matthew is excited to make his feature film debut in World's Best Dad. Collaborating with his brother, close friends, and family to create the picture has been an unforgettable experience. Prior to writing the screenplay Matthew attended The George Washington University, where he acted in numerous university productions, and cultivated his love for creative writing in it's many different forms. Matthew continues to write at his home in Queens. 

Charlie Ochs - Actor - Born and raised in northern Virginia, Charlie Ochs has spent the past many years living in between Richmond, Virginia and New York City. Acting in High School led him to stand up comedy, which brought him into learning long-form improvisation, which got him involved in sketch comedy, which brought him right back to acting, which started him smoking and dating women with many tattoos, which is how he met Rob and Josh! He also paints, and plays the ukelele. Charlie was trained, and performs at the Peoples Improv Theater in NYC, and hopes to quit smoking. 


Dean gross - Actor/Grip - All throughout his school career, Dean had an unrequited love for theater. Despite being tone-deaf and unable to sing, he continually tried out for the school musicals year after year, and would always be assigned to bit parts. Still, he always loved the experience. In his senior year, however, he tried his hand at something where he'd might actually be able to contribute meaningfully, stage crew.

When he wasn't attempting to act in his school's productions, Dean served as an actor/guinea pig for his brother Josh and his early attempts at filmmaking. Starring in such classics as "Troll" and "Who Stole My Sesame Chicken". Dean is excited to be a part of his brother's first feature-length film, and eagerly anticipates the piles of fan-mail and queues for his autograph. 

Joel Chaffee - Music - Joel is a writer and musician, and the founder of Charity Case Records. He lives in Brooklyn, NY. 

Gerard McConville - Sound Design For Gerard, it all started with the gift of a reel-to-reel tape recorder on his 12th birthday. His fascination with audio intensified when he began mixing live sound for a cover hand in his early twenties; he then went to work at A&R Recording, working his way up the ranks to assistant engineer. Eventually, the lure of the recording studio led him back to the mixers chair, where he remains to this day working his aural magic in the commercial post production industry.