Production on WORLDS BEST DAD began way back in 2008 with the purchase of a camera, some gear, and a giant van…which we naturally transformed into an American flag on wheels. With very limited time and money, but lots of enthusiasm we packed our cast & crew of six people away and embarked on a cross-country road trip.

The shoot saw the WBD crew crash a Civil War re-enactment, siphon gasoline from a fire truck promoting a children’s charity, explore abandoned buildings, survive the horrors of a dry county in Pennsylvania, and witness Charlie Ochs attempting to consume a cheeseburger the size of his head.

WORLDS BEST DAD is in many ways similar to locales in which we shot. It’s off the beaten path, and when all is said and done the people you met along the way were more important than the destination.  

“We all have different ways of mourning. In some cultures, you don’t leave the house for a week. In others, you drink and have a big party. There might be praying, rending of garments, fire rituals. And that’s what you get here. Sort of. If you’re an aimless young man who’s life has been traumatized by a domineering father, you start by chucking some rocks at your little brother’s window in the middle of the night so you can show off the new stars and stripes paint job on the van and the bright yellow t-shirts you hand-printed. Because for Miles (Charlie Ochs), the lead in this charming indie comedy, the adventure is always on the verge of beginning.”

-Mark Elijah Rosenberg (Rooftop Films Founder)